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What is fostering? And Why do they do it?

Hear directly from our fosters

Fostering can be a a very rewarding experience.  Fostering sometimes comes with frustration and tears, but there is nothing else like it.  Read the stories below to see why fosters do what they do!

Robin - Foster

My first foster with Wags and Whiskers was in September 2015 and his name was Chester.  I met the director of Wags and some of it's volunteers at an adoption event they were having. I signed up to become a foster, stating that I could take dogs with special needs and Chester certainly fit the bill. Chester was thought to have been hit by a car and needed to have his leg amputated.  Chester also had a bloated abdomen, and it was determined to be caused by a ruptured stomach. He had to be cut from his lower abdomen up through his chest due to the tearing. Chester's liver was wrapped up in his intestines and he had blood clots from internal bleeding. The vet said he was an extremely luck boy to have survived his degree of trauma. Chester was such a resilient boy and despite all that happened he was a very happy boy. Chester was adopted into his forever home. I have since then and continue to foster. I have fostered several dogs and even a kitten or two over the years, not only for Wags but a couple of other rescues. I have fostered special needs, the scared, the shy. From puppies to adults and even the seniors. All have been rewarding in their own way. I have lost some

over the years, it's inevitable, but I continue. Why do you do it, you may ask. I say, because there are more good than bad.The rewards have certainly outweighed the negatives. And there are more animals in need.

Dynasti - Foster

I do what I can but I am only one person. It’s really hard to not be able to help more.

I think the positive part of fostering is helping an animal that really needs it. Getting them to the point where they have a home with people that love them is amazing.

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Sharon - Foster

My mom passed in 2019 and then COVID got bad in 2020. Having retired in 2017 and not being able to interact with people hit me hard. In December 2021 I joined the Wags crew as a foster, not only to reconnect with people, but to find a new purpose. I remember when Tish pulled up to my house with my first foster dog. She had 4 dogs crammed in her small car and I was amazed. My first surprise was how easy it was to take a dog in my home, fall in love, and they fall in love with me! Some have been super timid but for the most part they adjust very


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quickly. Providing a home, care, socialization, and limited training isn’t hard at all. The support I receive from the director and volunteers has helped me so much. The camaraderie within the rescue has been a bonus! Since I usually foster only one at a time, I’ve only had about 40 in care since December 2021. But I remember the love, joy, and companionship each and every one has given me.

Jody - Foster

I've been in rescue for about 20 years. We use to do compassionate care dogs, meaning their last homes would be with us. After many years of doing this my heart couldn't take the loss anymore (burn out) we moved from FL to GA and for several years I stayed out of the rescue world. We moved to AL in 2017 and it wasn't to long after that I seen a post from Wags and Whiskers asking for help with a ton of bottle babies after an older Mother dog had a litter. This pulled at my heart and it felt right to go in the opposite direction instead of the end of life I could start at the beginning. So my adventure with Wags started with 2 little

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bundles of pure joy. I've since had many lil bundles of joys, a few litters and some Mom and pups. There has been some heartbreaks along the way but seeing them go onto their forever homes, growing and thriving all because I said, "yes" makes it worth it. Rearranging your life for a few weeks to give them years with their family is a very small sacrifice and so worth it in the end.

Teresa - Foster

I have had 9 fosters and love every single one of them.They are special but they find or will find there forever home.

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Sandi - Foster

out to me and offered to help, if I could continue fostering. That mom and dad were later adopted together and all 3 babies went to great homes thanks to Wags and Wiskers. I've now had a total of 16 foster babies in my home with another momma and her 4 babies still here. Not everyone is able or willing to foster. I love every foster baby that has been through my home and it's heartbreaking to let each one go, but it opens a space for another furbaby in need. Its a true blessing helping them transform from scared and sick into the sweetest & healthiest little lovebugs. Fostering saves lives, one pup at a time and I'm grateful to be part of that.


I'm somewhat new to fostering but my first foster pups were a male and a very pregnant female Chiweenie that were dumped on the dead end road where I live in August 2023. It took us a week to capture them, and we had babies 2 days later. I then posted a venting message on several lost/found pet sites with a "how dare you do this to these babies" message directed at their prior owners. Thats when Stevie with Wags and Wiskers reached


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Do these stories inspire you......

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